Sharjah cricket stadium: Pitch, Length, Capacity, Records

You will find all the details about the Sharjah cricket stadium in this guide. We will start with the introduction of Sharjah Cricket stadium then move on to detailing the capacity, length, records, pitch of this stadium.

So, let us have look at the small introduction of this cricket stadium first.

About Sharjah cricket stadium

Built in the year 1980, the Sharjah cricket stadium is situated in the United Arab Emirates, a country located in Western Asia.

The good news is that Sharjah cricket stadium is going to host the matches of the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. And, some of the matches of IPL 2021 will be played there. Here is the full list.

After India’s historical 1983 world cup win the stadium gained more popularity for one-day matches and become the popular hosting ground for one-day cricket.

Not only this, till Feb 2018 the Sharjah cricket stadium became home to the most ODIs played and became a venue to host record-breaking 236 ODI’s.

The stadium also hosted the inaugural of a 90-minute cricket league called “T10 cricket league” which was played in the year 2017.

The Sharjah stadium was the venue for the final of Blind’s cricket world cup format between Indian and Pakistan in the year 2018. In which, Indian won the match defeating Pakistan by 2 wickets.

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Sharjah cricket stadium pitch report

The Sharjah Stadium is a short pitch often. With the extra bounce, the pitch seems to be good for bowlers.

But this pitch has seen some big support for the batting side as well and scoring 200 in T20 format matches is not a very big deal. In some matches in the year 2020, the stadium has seen short boundaries, and also a flat pitch.


The stadium is located in the middle east which is known for sunny and hot weather. The idle temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees in the summer. Throughout the year the country sees only 50 millimeters of rain

Sharjah cricket stadium records

The Sharjah cricket stadium holds the records of most ODI matches by the Guinness Book of Records in 2011.

Here are the records of Sharjah cricket stadium in different Cricket formats. (at the time of writing this article)

1. ODI matches records:

  • Total matches played: 241
  • Highest total recorded: 364/7 (Pakistan Vs Newzealand, winner Pakistan)
  • Lowest total recorded: 54/10 (India vs Srilanka, winner Srilanka)

2. Test matches records:

  • Total matches: 9
  • Highest total recorded: 690/10 (Pakistan vs Newsland, Winner Newzealand)
  • Lowest total recorded: 53/10 (Australia Vs Pakistan, Winner Australia)

3. T20 matches records:

  • Total matches: 13
  • Highest total recorded: 215/6 (ZIM vs AFG, Winner AFG)
  • Lowest total recorded: 90/10 (AFG vs NED, Winner NED)

Sharjah cricket stadium capacity

If you talk about the capacity of Sharjah cricket stadium then it has an average capacity as compared to other International Cricket stadiums.

What is the capacity of the Sharjah cricket stadium?

The total capacity of the Sharjah cricket stadium is 27,000. But the capacity of any stadium keeps on changing with time and matches.

So, you will not get any exact figure for any stadium as it keeps changing with time.

The stadium with the highest capacity is Motera Stadium a.k.a the Narendra Modi Stadium with a whopping capacity of 1,32,000 (as per 2021).

Sharjah cricket stadium length

Let us now look at the figures of the total length of the Sharjah cricket stadium, length, breadth, and area.

What is the length of the Sharjah cricket stadium?

The boundary length of Sharjah cricket stadium in long on has a total length of 62 meters. And in straight it has a length of 58 meters and in the mid-wicket, it has a boundary length of 65 meters (As per Wikipedia)

Sharjah stadium facts

  • From the year 1984 to 2003, the stadium was the home for 206 one-day International Cricket matches.
  • The Sharjah cricket stadium holds the record for most one-day matches in the year 2011.
  • The owner of the Sharjah stadium is Sharjah Cricket Association
  • Since 2010, the stadium was used by the Afghanistan men’s national team
  • Till 2019, there were 240 ODI matches had been in this stadium
  • In the year 1984, the stadium was the ground for its very first International cricket in the ASIA cup.
  • In 2010, the stadium became the home ground for one-day International matches for the Afghanistan cricket team.
  • The Indian government banned the matches in the Sharjah stadium after the match-fixing chapters started in the era of 90s.

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